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How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business
Second Edition

How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant BusinessWritten by Janice Byer and Elayne Whitfield-Parr, this NEW book includes information and tips to help aspiring and established VAs with every aspect of starting and building a Virtual Assistant business.

From naming your business, to upgrading your skills, to expanding your business, we have put together everything you need to know based on our combined years in this industry and the input of successful VAs worldwide.

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Business Building Ebooks

Titles include:

  • How To Respond to RFPs
  • Easy to Understand & Implement Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • How to Set-Up & Start Your First Blog
  • and many more.

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Small Business & Web Design Blog

 Since 1999, we have been publishing Virtual Tidbits filled with articles, links, tips and resources to help small business professionals.
Now these articles and more are archived on our blog.

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For the past 10 years, DOCU-TYPE's Free Newsletter, VIRTUAL TIDBITS has strived to provide help to small business owners and Internet entrepreneurs to succeed. Loaded with tips, links and articles to make the business day go by a little easier...with a little fun thrown in :-)

Well, we are now going to share our articles and other helpful information through our web design, virtual assistance and small business blog at

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Below is a list of our archived newsletters and the articles they contain.
Each issue also includes hundreds of links, resources & tips.

Date of Archive: Feature Articles for this Issue:
2009 Archives  
March/April Home-Based Tax Deductions
VA vs. Temp?
Generate Leads with Social Media Marketing
January/February Generate Website Trafiice with Postcards
6 Ways to Reduce Stress in Uncertain Economic Times
SEO is Not a Last-Ditch Effort
2008 Archives  
November/December Creative Christmas Cards
Christmas Gift Giving on a Budget
September/October How to Effectively Use Testimonials
Generate Website Traffic with Postcards
Docu-Type Celebrates 10 Years
July/August How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business
6 Proven Techniques to Writing a Trash-Proof PR
Top 10 Things I Know For Sure
May/June Everything you need to know about the OIVAC
March/April What you expect from your VA?
Everything your need to know about OIVAC 2008
January/February New (or not so new) Ideas for the New Year
How to Start Your Blog
2007 Archives
November/December Christmas Gift Giving on a Budget
Creative Christmas Cards
Outlook Tip
September/October Back to School Safely
10 Commandments of Press Releases
Get What You Pay For
July/August Postcard Marketing Success Tips
When Not to Publish Content in an Ebook
Simple Rules for Web Writing
May/June No newsletter for this period
March/April Why Isn't My Website Showing in Search Engines?
CVAC Celebrates 5th Anniversary
January/February New (or not so new) Ideas for the New Year
How to Find Time for Marketing
2006 Archives
November/December Christmas Gift Giving on a Budget, 3 Tips for Homemade Christmas Gifts,
Introducing Internet Explorer 7, Keyboard Shortcuts (MAC)
September/October Easy to Understand & Implement Search Optimization Techniques (get the ebook here), Be Mobile Friendly, Keyboard Shortcuts (PC)
July/August Smashing the Myth of the Press Release, Don't Be Afraid to Spend Money on Your Business, 3 Words That Pull Orders Like MAD!
May/June    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Annual Online International Virtual Assistant Convention (OIVAC) (Benefits, Exposure Opportunities, Schedule of Events, Deadlines, etc.)
March/April   How to Find Time for Marketing, Choosing the Right Web Designer (get the ebook here), Tweak Your Homepage for Instant Results, 3 Mistakes That Could Send People Away
January/February Marketing Through Press Releases Great Results Start in Your Thoughts,
Keys to Awesome Business Cards
2005 Archives
November/December Fighting Holiday Stress, Christmas Gift Giving on a Budget,
Creative Christmas Cards
September/October Tips for a Successful Trade Show (get the ebook here), Boost Your Marketing with Bonuses, Create a Shut-down Shortcut
July/August  Tips for Responding to RFPs (get the ebook here), How to Use Testimonials to Increase Sales, Design and Be Creative
May/June Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer, Pros & Cons of Kids Being Home for the Summer, You Have to Choose Between 3 Strategic Options
March/April Hiring a Web Designer (part 1) - (get the entire ebook here), Administrative Professionals Day, 10 Important Marketing Tips
January/February New (or not so new) Ideas for the New Year, Introduction to our clients and contacts and their businesses.
2004 Archives
November/December Spam: Not my idea of lunchmeat anymore (Part 3 of 3), Holiday Slow Times Should Not Mean Lost Production
September/October Spam: Not my idea of lunchmeat anymore (Part 2 of 3),
Tips for a Successful Trade Show (get the ebook here)
July/August Spam: Not my idea of lunchmeat anymore (Part 1 of 3), Lazy Hazy Days of Summer, INTRODUCING: Docu-Type Web Hosting
May/June **NEW** Web Hosting Information from Docu-Type, The Lowdown on Spyware, 10 Important Marketing Tips
March/April Administrative Professionals Week 2004, Need Article Ideas?,
Secrets of Mini Sites Success
January/February Website Theft - More Ways to Tackle Website Theft...  (Part 3 of 3),
New Ideas for the New Year
2003 Archives
November/December Three Ways to Superglue People to Your Website, Website Theft - How do I know if my website material has been stolen.....  (Part 2 of 3), Keyword Effectiveness
September/October Take a Reality Check on Time, Website Theft - What Exactly is Copyright? (Part 1 of 3)
July/August A Newsletter is Worth A Thousand Words (Part 2), How To Create & Send HTML Email
May/June A Newsletter is Worth A Thousand Words (Part 1), Marketing Tips,
Don't Overlook The Easy Sales
March/April Is This Business Viable?, Three Ways to Convert Visitors Into Subscribers,
3 Tips to Help You Get Started on Writing Your Business Plan
January/February A Powerful Method to Internet Advertise Locally, Formula for Success, Why Have a Website?
2002 Archives
November/December Christmas Gift Giving on a Budget, Don't Envy the Guru... Become One, Free Organizing Tips
September/October Tips for a Successful Trade Show  (get the ebook here), 7 Free Statistics Trackers for Your Website, How Do You Put a Value on Your Time, Positive People
August 18 Twelve Tips for Successful Public Speaking
July/August Structure + Boundaries = Freedom, Time Management For VAs, Take A Break
May/June Networking is Like Playing The Piano (get the ebook here), I Don't Need A Website... Do I?
May 19 You Are Not Alone
April 14 Jump-Starting a New Ezine
March/April I Think Introductions Are In Order....(a listing of some of our clients & contacts)
March 17 Are You An Accessible Expert?
January/February The Power of Word of Mouth, Hackers Targeting Home Computers, Getting Publicity
January 20 How to Keep Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Strong in Challenging Times
2001 Archives
November First Annual VA Conference, Online Women's Business Conference
November 25 Summary of a meeting with a Venture Capitalist
October A Pilot's Words (re: Sept. 11/01)
October 14 Capture Their Attention With Your Title
September Shameless Self-Promotion, School Routine Tips
August 18 10 Tips For Better Websites
June Top 10 Clues You Need a Virtual Assistant, Computer Precautions During Storms
June 18 Confusing Conversations
July/August Fun For The Kids
May What's In It For Me?, Confusing Conversations
May 13 Are YOU The Weakest Link?
April 18 Show Your Assistant You Care
March 18 Joining Industry Specific Organizations Has Many Benefits
February Choosing the Right Web Designer, Killer Press Release Secrets,
Dealing With Stress in Our Overworked Lives
February 18 Becoming A Certified Virtual Assistant
March Alternative Ecommerce Solutions, Top 10 Myths About Working at Home
January 15 What Dreams Will Come True

2000 Archives
December Great Holiday Links
December 10 Fighting Holiday Stress
October Effective Marketing Strategies That Don't Break the Bank
November Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas
November 12
Stick Me with a Brand Then Put Me Out to Cyber-Pasture Where the Grass (and Other Things) are SO Much Greener
October 15 Reasons Why Dot Coms Fail; 
How to Avoid the Pitfalls of e-Business
September Virtual Assistant or Temp... What is the Difference?
September 17 VA Training: Making the RIGHT Decision
June Time is Valuable...Save Some of It, Pros & Cons of Kids Home for the Summer
May 15 Stabilize Stress
April 15 Administrative Professionals Week
March 16 Slow Traffic? Save these 40 URLs...
February 18 What’s Up With This ‘Research’ Thing Anyway?
January 16 The Rules of Website Coherency
1999 (These archived issues are in PDF format to view now)
December 15, 1999 Growing Your Small Business is Like Gardening
November 14, 1999 Five Ways To Not Get Promoted
October 16, 1999 BizMiner - Prospecting for Statistics for Small Business
September 11, 1999 Top Five Time Management Mistakes
August 16, 1999 A Day Late, A Dollar Short…
July 14, 1999 The Most Powerful Headline Writing Secret Ever
April 18, 1999 ...Various short articles & tips ...
March 14, 1999 ...Various short articles & tips ...
February 14, 1999 ...Various short articles & tips ...


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