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 Since 1999, we have been publishing Virtual Tidbits filled with articles, links, tips and resources to help small business professionals.
Now these articles and more are archived on our blog.

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(Please note that some of the links on this archived issue may no longer be working. We apologize for this but, as we wanted to archive each issue in its entirety, we have left them listed.)


July 14 , 1999

You are receiving this newsletter as you have either won our award and agreed to receive this ezine or you visited our site and signed up for it or you are friends of mine and I know you will appreciate it. If you are receiving this in error, the unsubscribe instructions are at the bottom and we apologize.

We are going to pass on doing one-line jokes this month as we have opted to forward on to you some keyboard shortcuts. Most of us have received emails or seen postings in chat rooms and the like with LOL in them, and most of us know that this stands for "Laugh Out Loud". But, there are many others that you may want to use, so I will be inserting them throughout this edition.

Ok, let's start off with this....

AFK = Away from keyboard BTW = By the way... BRB = Be right back

Almost all of our subscribers has a website....but how many of us know if their site is compatible with the most popular browsers out there?

To go out and buy a program that tests this can be quite expensive!

Well, ZDnet has come up with a Browser Checker that is FREE! All you have to do is submit your site url and answer a few basic questions and then you wait for the checker to do it's job. The answers will come to you by you can surf around while the checker does its work.

This is definitely worth checking out!

They also have a

Link Checker -


Spell Checker -

<g> - Grin <G> - Big Grin IMHO - In my humble opinion


Well, let's have some fun now....

Some of you may have seen this site before but it is definitely worth checking out.

The site name is "WELCOME TO MY CAVE" and it has a couple of card illusions on it. If you don't already know the secret to how it is will boggle your mind!

So check it out and stay tuned to our next issue for the answer.....

IOW - In other words NRN - No reply necessary IMNSHO - In my not so humble opinion

Spring has sprung....the grass has riz......yadda, yadda, yadda.

But what about the flowers? Are you one of those people who doesn't know their flowers from the weeds?

Below is a list of links to some great gardening sites. Click away and enjoy! (this is one of my sites - I used to be in the lawn care business - lots of great links here and helpful lawn care tips)


OIC - Oh, I see! OTOH - On the other hand PITA - Pain in the (behind)




By Don Cirilo

Revealing the headline writing strategy that produced millions of dollars for copy writer Ted Nicholas.

Ted Nicholas has built a two hundred million dollar business with his ability to
write the most effective money making ads ever. He attributes much of his
success to a special - Super effective headline writing technique that he

The secret to his success in writing these powerful headlines is; Finding the hidden - benefit . Here's how it works

Nicholas creates headlines that do not come from studying the product itself. As strange as it sounds its true. He focuses totally on the prospect and when crafting his headlines, he asked himself, "If I had unlimited powers and could grant my customer the biggest benefit that he/she could possibly want from my product, what would it be?"

As an example, he wrote the Complete Book of Corporate Forms. Let's face it, legal forms are not an exciting concept.

Mr. Nicholas had a huge task of trying to get people excited over a book about legal forms. Most entrepreneurs don't give a hoot about forms.

Now here's why Nicholas is considered by many as the shrewdest direct marketers ever. Not only did he come up with an inspiring ad from such an uninspiring subject but his little ad resulted in 350,000 copies of the book being sold at $70 per copy. That's 24.5 million dollars in sales.

He credits his headline as being responsible for the ads success. He wrote this fantastic headline by Thinking of an Indirect Benefit that someone would receive from legal
forms. The indirect benefit that he came up with from filling out legal forms was
that entrepreneurs could protect their tax shelters by filling out some of these

Here's the headline;

"What will you do when the IRS suddenly wipes out your corporation's tax shelter benefits"?

Not only is this headline so good because it comes up with the hidden benefit but it also plays on one of the prospects biggest emotions - Fear. He knew entrepreneurs hated taxes and especially hated losing something they already had - tax shelters. We know legal forms are not directly related to taxes. But legal forms properly filled out can prevent loss of tax shelters.

He dug deep into his idea box to come up with this hidden benefit but as you can see it was well worth it.

Make sure your promise actually delivers on the headline's promise-the hidden benefit. If you have any doubt change your product to fit the benefit. Always remember this, it's essential that you fit your product to the market. Don't try to fit a market to your product.

Example of another headline that doesn't directly relate to the product is "The Ultimate Tax Shelter".

This headline was written for the book "How To Form Your Own Corporation Without A Lawyer For Under $75."

Nicholas says that the ultimate tax shelter headline is the most successful headline he has ever written. The title of his book- "How to form your own corporation without a lawyer for under $75" is also a great headline.

Don Cirillo
CFI Marketing: We Help Small Businesses Advertising On Low Budgets


FC = Fingers Crossed FYI = For your information IMO = In my opinion



As most of you are aware, we honour outstanding websites with our Superb Choice Award. The criteria for these sites is the usual...content, display, load time and much more. But the most important has to be that I don't mind if the site is up on my computer and my 3 yr old daughter comes into my office and sees it. So, if you haven't already applied for our award, send us a note with you name, email address, site url and title, where you found out about our award, your geographical location and we will be sure to check it out.

This month, as with most months, we had a real hard time deciding, you all have such great sites! As we can't list them all, we have to choose, and here is

Docu-Type's Award Winner Pick of the Month.........

MOMversations (TM) Newsletter

Not only is this a great Newsletter, but it is a great website!
It is written by Moms for Moms!
This is a must see whether you are a mom, dad or kid! Congrats to the Site Webmaster - Rudy Hacker
NICE WORK, RUDY! and everyone at MOMversations!


dh - darling hubby &nbspdd - darling daughter ds - darling son
ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing TDM - Too darn many TIA - Thanks in advance

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From: Steven Liu
Title: Shohoku's Gaming Homepage

Dear Janice,

I have been getting the Newsletters from Docu-Type and must say that I am rather impressed with the amount of information it gives out. Thanks for having them!


From: Pat MacGillivray

Dear Janice,

Thank you for your help and BTW, I love your newsletters and think your web page is absolutely terrific.


And finally, here is Docu-Type's Joke of the Month:

How to impress a woman:

Wine her, dine her, call her, hug her, hold her, surprise her, compliment her, smile at her, laugh with her, cry with her, cuddle with her, shop with her, give her jewelry, buy her flowers, go to the end of the earth and back for her.

How to impress a man:

Show up naked.....bring beer.

Well, that about does it for this month. Thank you to all who read this newsletter and we hope you find it both enjoyable and informative. Pass it on....

Remember, we love to hear from you. So if you have any suggestions or comments, please send us an email.

Janice D. Byer

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