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How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business
Second Edition

How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant BusinessWritten by Janice Byer and Elayne Whitfield-Parr, this NEW book includes information and tips to help aspiring and established VAs with every aspect of starting and building a Virtual Assistant business.

From naming your business, to upgrading your skills, to expanding your business, we have put together everything you need to know based on our combined years in this industry and the input of successful VAs worldwide.

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Business Building Ebooks

Titles include:

  • How To Respond to RFPs
  • Easy to Understand & Implement Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • How to Set-Up & Start Your First Blog
  • and many more.

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Small Business & Web Design Blog

 Since 1999, we have been publishing Virtual Tidbits filled with articles, links, tips and resources to help small business professionals.
Now these articles and more are archived on our blog.

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My Mission Statement:
"To be a happy, successful person whom others can admire and want to learn from."

"In 2001, I was desperately looking for someone to help me redesign a site that another web designer had created. I had spent tons of money on a site that looked terrible and was paying the price with little traffic and bad feedback on the way it appeared online.

I found Janice online and asked her for her assitance. She was very understanding and helped me to create a site that was to my specifications. She has since worked on various sites over almost 7 years, in helping me grow my business, change its direction, and offer me guidance when I didn't quite understand what I was doing online.

I would highly recommend her as a webmaster, designer, and a consultant. She is morally sound and has no problem getting back to you within a timely fashion with any request you may have. I had found her work as important as any of the other people in my office, it is the backbone of our business, our websites, our distinct signature that takes an online business live to a worldwide audience.

I have several websites she is currently handling and would happily add more. She gets rave reviews from our offices."

Maria Salazar, President
Luxury Lifestyles Management, Inc.

"Janice and I met back in 2000 when I was looking for someone to help me with running the office of my company. She showed me how she could help from her fully equipped office so we started on a trial basis. It wasn’t long before she proved she could definitely handle administrative tasks involved in running my business without having to physically be in my office.

She started by answering my phones and typing my letters but it wasn’t long before she was handling everything, including copyediting my administrative projects; designing my marketing material; making my travel arrangements; coordinating my suppliers; and so much more. She even designed and maintains my company website.

We have built such a great business relationship and she knows exactly what I want so now I can take off on a business trip and know that I have left my office in her very capable hands. She has even introduced me, someone who has barely used a computer, to various software and other technology to help me run my business even more smoothly.

She has become indispensable to me. I don’t know what I would do without her and hope I never have to cross that bridge. I highly recommend her to help any business owner with almost every aspect of running their business. If she hasn’t done something before, she is more than willing to learn so she can offer you all the help you need."

Carl Whittier, President
Whittier Canada Enterprise Inc.

"ClarkeHouse and Docu-Type have been business partners for seven years. Janice Byer's creativity, knowledge and attention to detail is a testament to the success of my award-winning website, My website is always in the top 20. Her assistance as my VA is outstanding. I appreciate her suggestions and guidance in certain areas of my work. You can't go wrong with Docu-Type. Why? Because you can always count on Janice to help you...and that is money in the bank!"
Barbara J. Clarke, President/Author

“Janice is such a joy to work with. I have written several children’s books with stories from Guyana and she has taken my notes and put them into manuscript format. She has also proofread my work; split the work into chapters; added header and footer information as well as a table of contents. She also assisted me with getting the wonderful watercolour drawings into electronic format that she then inserted into my books. On top of all that, she set me up with a self-publishing account and I now sell my book on line.

But she doesn’t stop there. She is more than willing to sit down and chat with me about her ideas on how to market my books and what my next steps should be. She goes above and beyond the call and I can’t imagine where I or my books would be now if I hadn’t met Janice. She even designed and maintains my website which many have told me is perfect for the atmosphere of my stories and the kids and parents that will read them.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Janice to anyone who needs help with their administrative tasks and web design needs. She has helped my business to get off the ground and become successful and she can definitely help yours.”

Norma Gangaram, Author
The Mango Tree House

"Not knowing much about websites or the internet, I was very weary of working with a new web designer over the internet. From the very beginning, Janice was extremely helpful and professional. As a designer she was patient with all my questions about the process and worked with me to create something that I was very happy with. She maintained excitement in my web pages, while at the same time addressing function. I would gladly work with Janice in the future once again. Thank you so much, you were wonderful!"
Maria Noriega, Owner
Adore Flute Studio

"I’ve used Janice as my VA for three years and I can’t say strongly enough how she has filled a need in my business. I didn’t need a part time staff member and I didn’t want the effort of keeping someone busy. Janice has all of skills and flexibility to respond to my needs quickly. Her work is accurate and professional and I appreciate her knowledge and insight into business promotion and marketing”

"Congratulations Janice! You are a shining example of how to build the relationships the build business. You are doing all the right things - I look forward to seeing you and your success stories everywhere - keep up the good work!"

Donna Messer, Owner
ConnectUs Canada

“When I contacted Janice Byer at Docu-Type Virtual Assistance and Website Design I had a website that was not working at all for me. I wanted a website that projected a business-professional impression to the viewer. I was looking for a website designer who could envision the kind of website I wanted to have and had the expertise and experience to be able to put together a design and arrange the content in an effective manner.

I was extremely pleased with the performance of Docu-Type Virtual Assistance and Website Design from the first time I called Janice Byer until my website was published. Janice Byer worked with me to design a website that was easy to navigate, is clean looking and very professional. Her experience, technical abilities, commitment to her work and responsiveness made Docu-Type Virtual Assistance and Website Design a spectacular choice to design and set up my website. I am very pleased with the new website and it is a vast improvement thousands of times over the old one I had.

Thank you, Janice, for outstanding website design service.”

Barbara Gilbert, Owner
Words Plus Administrative Services

"Once again, thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate it. I am happy there are professionals like you in the Computer World, people who are really reliable, experienced and willing to help."

Maria Talley, Owner
Tally Ho Inn

"... she is an inspiration. I recommend her to everyone! When my client needed a top notch web designer, I convinced him to bring Janice on the team. She's been with us ever since and is always on the ball. I'm so much in awe of her! LOL Thank you Janice. I truly appreciate you!"

Kathy Ritchie, Owner
Ritchie Secretarial Service

"Thank you so much for helping my dream of having a great web site come true. You worked so hard, I can't believe I ever thought I could do it on my own. Excellent work! It turned out beautifully."

Anne R. Wenzel, Principal

"I can always count on you!"

D. Funston, Co-Owner



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